Hour-by-hour project


These images are our daily life, supposed to be every hour, we only got a few photos in this time around. I will try again to get every hour of the day and a little more creativity. It is winter and raining (flooding everywhere) here in Sonoma County which means we have to find creative ways to keep this little 3-year-old busy!  PB&J is his new favorite meal and he asks for it 20 times a day. The bottom left image of his not-so-happy face is the morning of his first day back at pre-school in 2.5 weeks. He was off for the holidays and not happy about being up and out of the house before 8 am. Baseball is his favorite sport by far, he loves to play it in our living room and he thinks he is Buster Posey. He gets a home run every time he hits, and runs around the living room screaming "home run" tagging bases, then does a finale slide into home. Every single time. Oh, he also thinks he's Hunter Pence.... We are big SF Giants fans.

Cold and Rainy January Day


Chasing a three year old around on another rainy day can be challenging and oh so fun! Husband was off work so we got to go play and go out to lunch, then home and resting before bed.

8AM: Husband changing plugs

9AM: Trying to get dressed all by himself

10AM: Just got to the game center

11AM: Excited to go play games!

12PM: All lit up in the arcade area

1PM: Lunch

2PM: Nap time

3PM: More house chores

4PM: Afternoon snack

5PM: Puzzles 

6PM: Dinner

7PM: Resting and getting ready for bath

8PM: Bath and bedtime for this tired boy

Not a very exciting day for us, but Connor had a blast! Seeing his face light up, and the excitement in his eyes.... Makes everything okay at the end of the day. 




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